A cooperative relationship

Successful consulting calls for co-operation at eye-level between decision-maker and consultant. We bring to the table our profound management experience from over 30 years in branding for various companies and industries.


Spirit for Brands develops individual solutions in close co-operation with the decision-makers free from the constraints of methodology and resources. We are able to adapt quickly and flexibly to our client’s needs. If required, we have access to the knowledge and capacities of our co-operation partners in special areas. Pragmatic solutions, ease of implementation and success orientation guide our work and we are happy to be benchmarked on this basis.


That is our approach because brands are our passion.


Enhance corporate value

Our advice makes a contribution to increasing our client’s brand value.

As a consulting partner, we make a contribution to increasing our client's brand value.


Short-term brand benefit

Valuation, safe-guarding and development of brands

Optimised brand management and brand investments 


Medium-term brand benefit

Increased customer and employee loyalty

Optimised targeting of communication activities


Long-term brand benefit

Precise strategic positioning of the brand in competitive environment

Growth through optimised brand usage

Clear competitive profile

Generating additional revenue through innovation, diversification, licensing and divestment

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