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Spirit for Brands was founded in 2011 and is located in Cologne-Muelheim.


In our team we combine more than 30 years of management and consulting experience in the fields of brands and communication.


We also have access to a network of specialists in the areas of trademark law, brand valuation and brand communication. 


Walter Brecht - Managing Partner


Walter Brecht has been a consultant in the fields of brand development, brand management and brand communication for nearly 20 years, formerly as the Chief Executive Officer of Interbrand in Central & Eastern Europe.


In his work Walter Brecht mainly focuses on developing brand positionings, defining market strategies, structuring implementation processes, as well as developing brand management structures, processes and tools.


He has profound branding experience in the context of mergers, spin-offs, re-positioning or privatisation processes from international projects mainly in the tourism, banking, services and heavy industry sector. This also meant contributing to various publications, articles and conferences.

Alexander Rauch - Managing Partner


Alexander Rauch has more than 15 years of consulting experience in the fields of brands and marketing, e.g. as Strategy Director and member of the executive management at Interbrand. He advised companies such as BMW, Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Randstad and Evonik in the areas of brand strategy and brand management. His career began in the Marketing department on corporate side (automotive, FMCG). 


Focusing on developing brand positionings, defining brand architectures, brand controlling and implementing brand turnarounds, Alexander Rauch has extensive experience in the areas of brand engagement and employer branding.


With regard to key sectors, he is highly experienced in the service industry, chemicals and plant protection, ITC and lifestyle and fashion sector. In addition to regular speaking engagements, Alexander Rauch is a lecturer in brand management at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

Dörte Jung - Senior Consultant 


Dörte Jung has many years of experience in customer relationship, project and campaign management.


In her function as Communications Manager at Vodafone, Dörte Jung gathered a profound knowledge of the telecommunications and agency environment. Besides being an expert on email marketing, she has a deep understanding of product management especially in the online sector.


She is experienced in developing and defining brand positionings and strategies, as well as structuring and developing implementation processes and tools.


Her main areas of expertise are telecommunications, online business, tourism and the service industry.

Lisa Hackinger - Junior Consultant


Lisa Hackinger has studied in Berlin, Eischstätt and Turku and she is currently doing her PhD at Åbo Akademi University in the fields of German language and brand management.


As a Junior Consultant, she mainly deals with the development of brand positionings and brand architectures as well as with the definition of brand and communication strategies.


Her main areas of expertise are lifestyle & fashion, services, as well as culture and tourism.

Phillip Wienczowski - Junior Consultant


As a design manager, Phillip Wienczowski has many years of experience in the conceptual and creative developement of brands.


His main areas of expertise are the development of brand positionings and brand strategies as well as the derivation of design tasks and their implementation processes.


Phillip Wienczowski focuses on services, lifestyle & fashion as well as toursim.

Torsten Schmeka - Consultant


Torsten Schmeka can look back on experience in market research in the field of sports marketing and sponsoring as well as on experience in communication and consulting.


His expertise comprises brand positionings, brand architecture, brand and communication strategies and multisensual marketing.


Torsten Schmeka focuses on consumer goods, professional sports business and the service industry sector.

Christiane Greiffenberg - Office Management


Christiane Greiffenberg manages our office - she organizes, networks, finds the most suitable appointments and always keeps an overview - and will be happy to be your contact regarding (almost) all questions.


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Are you as fascinated by and passionate about brands as we are?

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Are you looking for a place to start your career or for a new challenge?


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