TheBrandTicker by Adwired

TheBrandTicker is the first online shop for quantitative brand analyses. TheBrandTicker analyses a specified range of brands every day and displays the results on a daily basis.


TheBrandTicker addresses brand managers, brand consultants and communication professionals and provides a variety of quantitative and daily updated information about brands as easily understandable and action-oriented graphics.


Every day, more than one million media articles referring to currently about 400 brands, the number is constantly growing, are evaluated. The results are available on and can be accessed after purchase.


TheBrandTicker offers four approaches to use the data:

  • Reports: These include daily updated analyses on various topics about the 400 brands of standard range for immediate download. 
  • Web application: This provides access to over 40 different charts for the brands in standard range in order to create detailed comparisons and evaluations.
  • Analyses: Based on an order, comprehensive analysis reports can also be generated for brands outside the standard range.
  • Solutions: By specifying certain criteria and parameters, there is the option to develop a customized application for a particular brand.


Are you interested in a specific brand analysis or a customized solution or would like to learn more about TheBrandTicker? Spirit for Brands is happy to answer your questions as partner of Adwired in Germany.


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